Full Service Manufacturers

  • Optimize product development.
  • Collaborate with clients in 3D.
  • Reduce pre-production costs by up to 90%.

Custom Sports Apparel Manufacturers

  • Personalize products in 3D, as they will be manufactured.
  • Download auto-graded, production-ready patterns.
  • Access tools like roster integration and team pages.

Small Batch Manufacturers

  • Use manufacturing automation and 3D development tools.
  • Get size-graded production-ready patterns.
  • Reduce time, resources & materials used during production cycles.

Custom Footwear Manufacturers

  • Design and visualize products in 3D, as they'll be manufactured.
  • Download production-ready patterns of what was designed.
  • Design once for multiple sizes and products.


  • Use 3D design, auto-grading and cross-product design tools.
  • Access production automation from one unified platform.
  • Collaborate online, in the cloud.

Home Furnishings

  • Design your own home furnishings in 3D.
  • Download production-ready patterns of what was designed.
  • Manage orders, payments and refunds from a single dashboard.

For one-off, custom and small batch manufacturing, automation is the key to profitability. vPersonalize is the only design to manufacturing automation solution that lets your designers or consumers visualize and design in 3D and automatically create production ready patterns, graded to the required size! Save 70% - 90% on pre-production time. Cut production costs by 30% to 50%. Avoid design errors and remakes. Email us to find out more.