360°, Real 3D Designer

Design and communicate in 3D, exactly as the product will be made. Develop complicated designs intuitively and effortlessly with our pattern editor and object level controls. Collaborate closely with your customers!

At vPersonalize, we help the apparel industry move faster, so you can spend more time doing what creates value and less time fixing problems. Work with a wide range of products, from apparel to accessories, soft goods, hard goods, shoes, skate boards, car wraps, seat covers to furnishings, or interactive bike designs! Use our powerful manufacturing automation tools to create production ready patterns for each size and design automatically. What this means is that you can create more products in less time, save big on costs and eliminate errors. It also means, you can now just make what sells, when it sells instead of carrying a large inventory.

We understand manufacturing and technology like no other. We support you with expertise across domains, from software, textile engineering, design to manufacturing. But, we are more than just your technology partner. We foster a community of stake holders in the on-demand marketplace. Connect with others on our platform, share your experience and draw on our rich collective expertise.